Life on the Atlanta Beltline

Communicating life changing benefits through storytelling, and inspiring public excitement in a $4 billion transportation project by utilizing digital videos to translate its powerful effects on people.

The Challenge

The Atlanta BeltLine is the city of Atlanta's largest and most expensive transportation project ever undertaken at $4.2 billion. With increased development and national media coverage, the public quickly became aware of the project. However, most information available consisted of funding issues. There was no strong visual content that adequately expressed the benefits of the BeltLine, and how it touched so many lives.

Our Solution

At Motion Vision, we understand how deeply people connect to other people's stories and experiences. For the "Life on the Atlanta BeltLine" web video series, we decided to tell the stories of individuals who utilize the corridor, and how it positively affects many lives. From a recovering from cancer survivor and mother of two infant children, to stories of dramatic weight loss and kids triathlons, the series humanizes the project, and connects city citizens through the power of video.