on the

Atlanta Beltline

The Challenge

The Atlanta BeltLine is a large scale project that will ultimately cost billions of dollars to complete. With over $1 billion invested in private development already, it is undoubtedly a magnet for new residences and businesses. However, due to the nature of funding for the Atlanta BeltLine, successful business are needed in the Tax Allocation District to fund project construction. The Business on the Atlanta BeltLine video series was developed as a tool to showcase successful businesses and entice other companies to open locations along the Atlanta BeltLine.

Our Solution

We developed the Business on the Atlanta BeltLine video series as a tool to tell the stories of successful business owners and attract new businesses to the Atlanta BeltLine planning area. Using the power of storytelling, we capture the powerful effects of BeltLine development. From small restaurants to large corporations, we conduct in-depth interviews to discover why they moved to the area, and how the Atlanta BeltLine has impacted their sales and growth. The series is used online, as well as meetings and presentations.